Louie Louie - The Kingsmen - Ukulele Chords

25 Sept 2012

Louie Louie - The Kingsmen - Ukulele Chords

Brief conversation with the N'Ukes last night about the Richard Berry song 'Have Love Will Travel' that got me thinking about what is perhaps his most famous song - Louie Louie by the Kingsmen.

And it's a dead easy one to get done on the ukulele - pretty much the same chord progression throughout - but like many such songs that just work on a rolling pattern, the key is getting the rhythm bouncing.

[A]Louie Lou[D]ie, [Em] [D]
[A]me gotta go [D] [Em] [D]
[A]Louie Lou[D]ie, [Em] [D]
[A]me gotta go [D] [Em] [D]

Verse 1

[A]Fine little [D]girl she [Em]wait for [D]me
I [A]catch the [D]ship a[Em]cross the [D]sea
I [A]sail the [D]ship [Em]all a[D]lone
 I [A]never [D]think I'll [Em]make it [D]home.


Verse 2

Every [A]night and [D]day me [Em]sail the [D]sea
 Me [A]think of [D]girl [Em]constant[D]ly
 [A]On the [D]ship I [Em]dream she's [D]there
 I [A]smell the [D]rose [Em]in her [D]hair



Me [A]see Ja[D]maica [Em]moon a[D]bove
It [A]won't be [D]long me [Em]see me [D]love
Me [A]take her [D]in me [Em]arms and [D]then
I [A]tell her [D]I'll never [Em]leave a[D]gain


I say [A]me gotta go [D] [Em] [D]
[A]Me gotta go [D] [Em] [D]
Well [A]me gotta go [D] [Em] [A]

Copy of the song in video below - and one of those well known music facts - spot the mistake in the recording about 1 minute 55, that they put out on the record anyway. Suppose if you want to be authentic you can put it in your ukulele version!


  1. hell of a tune Barry


  2. I've got to learn this for my son Louis :-)


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