A very special guest!

9 Sept 2012

A very special guest!

The N'Ukes seem to have grown something of a reputation of having great guests playing and tonight was a really special one. I reckon there are very few ukulele players out there who have not got a printout of a songsheet in their book from a certain website that appeals to many players. That website is called Richard G's Ukulele Songbook and the N'Ukes were extremely proud tonight to welcome Richard plus entrourage to play with N'Ukes at our jam session.

Ukulele player Richard G and friends
Wendy, Meg, Richard G and Phil jam with the N'Ukes

And what a nice group they were.  A good turnout from the N'Ukes encouraged some good playing, including some inspired song choices from Richard, sweet bluesy vocals from Meg and excellent harmonica and uke from Phil. What a great bunch of people, all the way over to the UK from Australia - we were so proud to welcome them.

Of course, it goes without saying that a N'Ukes session is less of a rigid affair and more of a laid back jam (that is the way we like it) and that seemed to go down well with our visitors. Can honestly say (and am sure the N'Ukes will agree) that tonight was a really fun jam. Thanks so much, and as I say above - if you are ukulele player looking for songs and have not yet come across Richards site - then a) have you been living under a rock and b) Get over there right now!

And below is some footage including Meg, Richard, Phil and N'Uke Keith giving it some "It Must Be Love"


  1. Love this version guys! and nice to see THE Richard G in the flesh :-)
    Love his site, has given me many, many hours of uke pleasure!
    tony boland

  2. Thanks for a great night Nantwich! Richard G


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