Ukulele Rainmakers - The Ukulele Underground crew

21 Aug 2012

Ukulele Rainmakers - The Ukulele Underground crew

Another in my series of Ukulele Rainmakers - those in the uke world who, whilst they may perform, have made a big noise in contributing something else to ukers worldwide.

In this edition - say hello to those behind Ukulele Underground - Aldrine Guerrero, Ryan Esaki and Aaron Nakamura.

aldrine, ryan and aaron of ukulele underground
Aldrine, Ryan and Aaron of Ukulele Underground
Picture Credit - Heather Toshiko - used with kind permission

If you have been using the internet as a beginner to find resources to help your uke advancement and have NOT come across Ukulele Underground I would be VERY surprised!

Started by the three Hawaiians in 2007, Ukulele Underground set out to be one of the biggest resources for uke players online, and it's arguable that they have achieved that goal. Many will know it for it's extremely popular discussion forum (which and my count this morning had over 75,000 members), but there is more to UU than the forum - the site also has, at it's heart, a teaching element with literally hundreds of how to play videos which visitors can subscribe to. And it is not just about beginners either, there is something for players of all abilities, helped along by one of the best players in the business.

And the forum - well - it really is pretty huge and you will struggle not to find answers to beginners questions with either a quick search or asking the question for yourself - with that many members it certainly is a helpful place.

And for creating something that is just so immensely popular, hats off to Aldrine, Ryan and Aaron for being true Rainmakers.

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