Ukulele Rainmakers - Tony Coleman

1 Aug 2012

Ukulele Rainmakers - Tony Coleman

Another in my series of Ukulele Rainmakers - people who may not necessarily be performers (or perhaps even players), but have made a name for themselves in making a big positive noise in the ukulele world. In this edition - say hello to Tony Coleman!

Tony Coleman ukulele

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Tony is actually a filmmaker by trade, though a musician (and a player of the uke) on the side. So why does that make him a Ukulele Rainmaker?

Well, a little while ago Tony embarked on a bit of a journey to make a new feature film regarding a subject he loved - the ukulele. That project, which he directed and produced (and with help from Margaret Meagher and Ron Mann) was to become the film "Mighty Ukulele".  But it didn't stop there and just fade out of site. The film went on to great acclaim, and Tony then started on the Ukulele Roadshow - taking the film on tour of THE WORLD, and taking with him ukulele players to put on performances including the great James Hill. This was more than just the work of a throwaway filmmaker - Tony through his life and soul into the project - taking the film on tour as a showcase.

The reviews were great, as was the film (see my review of it HERE ).

To me - Tony is a great example of a ukulele rainmaker - just seeing the comment appearing on social media as the film moved around the globe was enough to see that - a massively positive response and, of course, encouragement to new players.

You can check out the other rainmakers in my series so far HERE.


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