The Ukuleles make the BBC

16 Aug 2012

The Ukuleles make the BBC

Thanks to everyone who messaged me today to alert me to the ukulele performance on BBC Breakfast today. Unfortunately as it happened I was at my desk at the day job , and only now am round to getting on to Got A Ukulele!

The gist of the article was yet another article about how the ukulele is booming in sales (it seems to have moved on from being in a newspaper somewhere in the world each day and on to TV) - and for this they enlisted the help of Martha Paton and Logan Wilson of The Ukuleles to help out. To be fair though, I think it is superb when the uke gets a plug on the TV this way and quite enjoyed the discussion.

You can check out the BBC link HERE. Now, but, and it's a BIG BUT - the BBC, in it's way, may make that difficult for you. No doubt the link will go down at some point, and if you are not in the UK you may not even be able to view it. It's just they way they are, so please don't shoot me!

Anyway, for those who struggle to view it - you can see one of their official sampler vids below. Enjoy!

ps - I have said this before, and I may get flamed.... not the most original name for a uke band....


  1. As this is the BBC - who are not supposed to advertise - how come the clip begins with a huge advert for Kala? (Big shot of the uke headstock with the Kala logo....)Are the BBC really so naive as to miss this? I wouldn't have thought so - I don't get it.....

  2. I must admit Gypsy - I find the whole thing rather odd. Never heard of these guys. Never seen them on any forum, any uke fest, any Facebook group, nothing. But apparently they got a record deal and a spot on primetime BBC... How?


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