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13 Aug 2012

Got A Ukulele - subscribe on Kindle

I don't really tend to plug the fact that my blog is available on the Amazon Kindle blog subscription service, but it is!

There are a couple of reasons for that. The main one is that a subscription to the blog on Kindle costs money ($0.99 a month). I would dearly like to be able to make it free, but sadly Amazon don't allow that. In fact, I don't have any control over the monthly cost either. When I first looked in to it, I actually thought about not bothering at all. A sounded out a couple of contacts though and they thought it would probably make sense, as another channel for people to keep up to date has to be a good thing?

Anyway, it's been sat there a while now, and has picked up quite a few subscribers (it is currently number 25 in all lifestyle and culture blogs in the UK!) - so it seems I was probably wrong - some people do like the service. I've also had a couple of nice emails recently from subscribers who say they like it. Good for when you are away from a computer I suppose.

The Kindle blog service is actually quite clever - once signed up you get regular updates sent automatically to your Kindle when the blog updates (as you know, Got A Ukulele updates very regularly) - meaning wherever you go, the Kindle carries the latest posts from the blog. One thing I feel I should point out (if it isn't obvious) is that the Kindle does not display any video I post on the site (naturally), but it does carry all the photos that get posted on the site.

Of course, if you don't like the idea, I am not forcing you to use it - you can always use the Kindle browser to just go to Got A Ukulele anyway! But if you like the idea of the convenience, why not take a look?

It is available for customers of and, and on both you get a free trial for the first 14 days.


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