Time for a vote of ukulele thanks

30 Jul 2012

Time for a vote of ukulele thanks

It is quite some time ago now since I was persuaded to put my tips about learning ukulele into some books, and it's been quite a ride since.

My first book, What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know ended up being the number one selling music book on Amazon for a time, and since then it, and the other three books keep dipping in and out of the top 100 (and occasionally the top ten!). It's also very exiting to see my books for sale in the likes of WH Smith, Sears and Tower too!

I have my readers to thank for that, and I know that many of you (through kind words posted here and there) tell me that they now recommend the books to others they are encouraging with the uke. That is a great and humbling thing to hear. I'm just a blogger, not an international author and it's so pleasing to learn that I may have helped people starting out, however small a difference that may be.

The books are not just on Amazon, so Google them if you prefer a different store, but the complete sets are here on Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

If this is your first time to Got A Ukulele, I'd suggest you check out my omnibus edition of the first two books (it's better value that way), but if you use an ereader or an iPad you may also find the chord book handy to carry with you.

So, again, a big thank you. It is the nice comments and the supportive emails I receive so regularly that really help keep this all going. Some of those emails end up extending into long exchanges where I am asked advice on buying so don't be afraid to get in touch. One particular highlight example I remember was a back and forth 'Live' email exchange with someone buying a uke for her boyfriend in New York, ending with us exchanging emails on the fly whilst she was in the store!

Lots more exciting stuff on Got A Ukulele in the months ahead too with several more instrument reviews planned, more interviews and some cracking competitions. Watch this space!

Best wishes and keep strumming!



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