New review ratings on Got A Ukulele

28 Jul 2012

New review ratings on Got A Ukulele

I have been long overdue doing this on Got A Ukulele, but have now introduced a common scoring system on my ukulele reviews!

Perhaps they will cause controversy or debate - who knows. Remember this though - reviews and scores are a personal thing. I am not telling you my scoring is right, or that if you have a different opinion, you are wrong. They are just MY opinions of the ukes I play with the style I play.

The reviews can all be found in the top section of this post (and I can assure you, more will be coming soon - that's UAS for you..), but a quick word on the scoring

I have chosen four recognisable scoring sections, and provided and overall average also. They are....

Looks - how the ukulele looks to me. Not concerned with finish or faults - just how it grabs me to the eye.

Fit and finish - ignoring whether I like the looks - how is it built - how is the finish or paint, are the frets smooth, what is the action and intonation like, how are the tuners - you get the drill.. Doesn't matter if it's a cheap uke - if the finish is bad, it gets a low score (cheap ukes can build points in the value for money section and likewise, well finished ukes that are over priced will score lower there)

Sound - how it sounds to my ears with my style of playing, with the preferred strings I have settled on.

Value for money -  what it says on the tin - all things considered, how suitable is this for the money in your pocket.

Anyway - I hope that helps and provides a bit more balance to the reviews!


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