More Ukulele Stickers!

25 Jul 2012

More Ukulele Stickers!

I seem to blog about ukulele themed stickers quite a bit don't I? Well I am kind of hooked on them and a hard ukulele case to me looks bare without them. In fact, the back of plastic ukes also look bare in my opinion!

So many thanks to Phil Doleman for furnishing me with an official Re-entrants sticker which you can see below, proudly displayed on the back of my Fluke uke. In fact that instrument has now run out of space...

The Re-entrants ukulele sticker

You can read more about the guys when the spoke to Got A Ukulele HERE.

And if YOU have a thing for ukulele themed stickers - send me your pictures and if I get enough of them I will collate them into a blog article!


  1. me too! case was boring with out them...I collect from all the places i take my uke, scuba diving...
    JudyO, Savannah GA

  2. Our pleasure Barry! On one of my cases has all my backstage passes from various gigs on it. You can see one side of it here - the other side is almost full now, too.


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