Which country are the biggest uke fans?

8 Jun 2012

Which country are the biggest uke fans?

Time for some statistics. Which country are the biggest ukulele nuts? Who have the most fans? I have been delving into the all time stats for Got A Ukulele which consider well over a million page views now (gulp) and have done some crunching!

Can I just say before I start that this is JUST A BIT OF FUN! I'm not trying to create a global argument, just thought it would be fun to look at numbers. Remember, as the wise sage Homer Simpson said, "Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 14% of people know that.". So don't shoot me!

Anyway, since the birth of Got A Ukulele, my stats show me the following rankings in terms of percentage of total hits for the top ten countries that have visited.

1. USA - 53.1%
2. UK - 27.9%
3. Australia - 6.0%
4. Canada - 5.1%
5. Germany - 2.3%
6. New Zealand - 1.5%
7. Thailand - 1.3%
8. France - 1.1%
9. Singapore - 0.9%
10. Italy - 0.7%

But of course, that avoids the obvious issue of the populations sizes in the countries, as well as the fact that the English language is not the common tongue of about half of them. I don't have the stats on English speakers, but I can access accepted population statistics.

Therefore, when I work out what the page view count is for each country as a percentage of population, we get the following.

1. UK
2. New Zealand
3. Australia
4. Singapore
5. USA
6. Canada
7. Italy
8. Germany
9. Thailand
10. France.

Something of a turnaround, and massive surge for the Kiwi's. But it has to be said, according to Got A Ukulele, the most uke-centric country around is.... The United Kingdom...

(dont shoot me! Your visits are much appreciated wherever you come from!)


  1. Thanks for the Stats Barry..... Yay for the land of OZ.

  2. Whatever happened to China or Japan? I know they love ukulele music. Jake has performed there, so it's not new.
    Interesting stats.

  3. I only collated stats for the top 10 countries. Japan and China were there, but below the top 10.

  4. (incidentally - Japan are number 16 and China number 58)


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