So, you want ukulele links?

5 Jun 2012

So, you want ukulele links?

If you are new player I wonder if you are aware just how many great resources there are for ukulele players on the Internet?

Sure, a Google search will bring you many sites, but how about a bunch of links in one place?

Well at the top of this blog you will see a links tab, which will take you to my page of preferred links to uke resources, but there are many more than that out there.

 Then there a couple of great chart sites. If you look at the top left of the blog there is a yellow button with a Toucan image in it. Clicking that will take you to a huge ranked list of sites. Likewise at the bottom of the right hand side bar on this blog is a brown button that will take you to the ranked listings pulled together by Boat Paddle Ukuleles. Both charts use different systems to work out the rankings which means some that rate high on one, don't on the other. The beauty of that is that different sites get exposure. But regardless of rankings, there are masses of sites to look at!

And then there are the songs people like to search for. In this category I give a big shout out to Richard Gillmann who hosts a huge list of sites that offer ukulele chords.

And of course, the beauty of the web means that many of these sites will themselves have a link category meaning you can surf site to site all day.

Have fun!

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