If I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - CHORDS

23 Jun 2012

If I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - CHORDS

This is a tune that has become something of a favourite in a host of ukulele clubs. If you look around you will also find a host of versions of the lyrics too. This is the one I usually play - as sung by the Ditty Bops and Madeleine Peyroux

The chord changes are quick, and will take a bit of practive but it's worth it. The verses are easy and are just D7 to G to D7 to G.

The chords in the intro are as follows

C6 = 0000
C#dim7 - 0101
G6 = 0202
E7 = 1202
A9 = 0102
'D7' = 2020 (an alternate D7 sometimes called the Hawaiian D7 which isn't actually a D7 at all..!)

NOTE - the D7 in the verses is a standard 2223 barre chord, but for the intro sequence at the beginning and on the "might be late" bits, use the 'Hawaiian' D7 2020! (which isn't actually a D7) - just makes the chord change easier.


[C6] [C#dim] [G6] [E7] [A9] [D7] [G]
[E7] [A9] [D7] [G]


[D7] If I could shake it like my sister Kate
[G] Shake it like a bowl of jelly on a plate
[D7]My momma wanted to know last night
How [G]sister Kate could do it oh so nice..

[D7] Now all the boys in the neighbourhood
[G]Kate could shimmy and it's mighty good Now

It [C6] may be [C#dim] late but I'll be [G6] up to [E7]date
When I can [Aadd9] shimmy like my [D7]sister [G]Kate
Oh [E7]yeah, [Aadd9]shake it like my [D7]sister [G]Kate


[D7]If I could shimmy like my sister Kate
[G]I'd never stay home, stay out too late
[D7]I'd get myself about as high as a kite
[G]You know I'd do it for you every night

Now [D7] all the boys in the neighbourhood
[G] Katie could shimmy and it's mighty good  Now

I [C6] may be [C#dim] late but I'll be [G6] up to [E7] date
When I can [Aadd9] shimmy like my [D7]sister [G] Kate
Oh [E7] yeah, [Aadd9] shake it like my [D7}sister [G]Kate

Repeat verse 1, then end with the INTRO riff

Have fun!


  1. I'm just grateful it is here....just love the song. If you have put in the effort to have it on this site it's a shame that people pick at minor little problems with it. If you are a uke player just work it out.

  2. Thanks for posting that Barry much appreciated.. Colette

  3. What strum pattern is best for this song?

  4. Learning this now after watching your video. It's a fun little piece!

  5. Strumming can be found on any of the "Got a Uke" reviews by Barry. He plays parts of this along with Creep on most.

  6. Just to say that people like me are still finding this and loving it. I did know the song a little but hadn't realised what you were playing in your reviews was the intro. I'm learning it now. My favourite version is the UOGB - because what else could improve a song which starts with "I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate / She can shake it like a jelly on a plate" than having it sung by a man? Love it! Their version seems to be in C though whereas I take it this one is in G, and I prefer it. Thank you!


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