Famous Ukulele Players Part 27 - George Clooney

14 Jun 2012

Famous Ukulele Players Part 27 - George Clooney

Another good spot, (via Rare Celebrity Photos) - George Clooney!

(OK OK, dont shoot me, he may not actually be a player - this was a PR shot for his recent film, but you know, I HOPE he chose to continue with it!)

george clooney ukulele

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  1. i honestly have no problem seeing clooney playing a uke. do you have any tracks or videos of him playing?great post keep up the hard work. check these out IStillGotMyGuitar

  2. What's that chord he's playing ? Fsus2 ?

  3. I wondered if he was actually playing anything at all as its just a promo shot. Perhaps I'm being unfair but surprised if Clooney knows more obscure jazz chords on ukulele!

  4. That's easy. Mr. Clooney was playing the PO (photo op) cord!


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