The current ukulele collection

2 Jun 2012

The current ukulele collection

Ukuleles come and ukes go, and whilst I have owned others in my time, I thought I was overdue taking a photograph of the current crop.

Enjoy - click on photo for larger image.

got a ukulele collection

Back row L-R - Makala Dolphin soprano, Mahalo U50 Soprano, Pono MHC Pro Classic concertKanile'a K1 TenorBrüko No.6 sopranoKoaloha Pikake sopranoMagic Fluke Firefly banjoleleMainland concert, Vintage VUK20N soprano.

Front row L-R - Magic Fluke Flea sopranoMagic Fluke Fluke concertClifton (Lidl) soprano, Mahalo Flying V, Antonio Lemez Canarian Timple (ok, the last one isn't a uke, but let me off!)

No doubt over the years ahead, the collection will change, but most of these are keepers.


  1. A very nice collection! I'm trying to cut my main collection down to 4 that I actually play on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I keep adding to the collection.

    You can't stop UAS, you can only hope to afford it. ;-)

  2. Would be very interested to hear what different things you use them all for. Is is a question of tones to suit mood, strumming v picking, outdoor v indoor.

  3. Did you sell these on Ebay?? Please reply! :)


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