Comparison of new Martin ukuleles

9 Jun 2012

Comparison of new Martin ukuleles

Now there is a certain ukulele brand that intrigues me greatly. It's not a brand I've played, but I have played their guitars, and their guitars have a heck of a heritage,

But that guitar maker in the more distant past made ukes, and,actually has continued to do so. Some of their newer models have had their detractors, but, equally, some of their higher end models get huge plaudits.

But don't listen to me, I haven't played one. Equally, don't listen to anyone who claims a certain uke is the best because it has the name Martin on the headstock. What you SHOULD do though is take proper advice from someone who owns, understands, enjoys and plays a range of Martins when making a choice..... In that respect, much thanks to Peter Forrest for this video. It's already done the rounds, but he gave me a thumbs up for sharing on GAU. Now THIS is a review vid!

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  1. Thanks for that. Enjoyed it.

  2. Not in your class but here is my old martin tenor


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