Ukulele cover - LA Woman - The Doors

12 May 2012

Ukulele cover - LA Woman - The Doors

Funny how this ukulele cover came about. We were just between songs and I was jamming a really simple bluesy thing in A, and found that the lyrics to LA Woman worked over the top despite this not being the chord progression of the song. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Anyway, bit of a rough take, but dead easy to play. It's less about the chords, and more about getting a driving feel to it. The majority of it is just A (hammered on and off to Am) and D. At the end of each section there is a switch from A to G, and it's A and G in the middle Mr Mojo Risin section.

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  1. I love when people take chances and cover a song that most would never think of on a ukulele. Love the Doors too. Thank you. Sail on ....

    Jake Bluez

  2. Estremamente monotona....e la maglietta con la scritta troia n
    Non si può vedere dai..


    1. È una canzone monotona. La maglietta è il nome di una casa discografica


    2. Ma grazie per aver dedicato del tempo alla tua giornata per dire a una persona che ha registrato una canzone che non ti piace.


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