Quite beautiful, on a Bruko Ukulele

15 May 2012

Quite beautiful, on a Bruko Ukulele

I love this find on YouTube - the Eric Satie classic and played on a Bruko 6 uke.

And I adore the Brüko - these are solid wood ukes made in Germany by hand, and amazingly only cost about £100. If this video doesn't persuade you to try one, I don't know what will.

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  1. I've got 5 Brüko's:
    An old one (No.2) in maple,
    An old one (No.6) in mahagoni
    a No. 5 flat-body in mahagoni
    a "Giraffe", concert neck with flat body in walnut
    and a "Jumbo", concert neck with tenor body in walnut.
    All of them are in perfect shape. I like them all !

  2. What is the best source for someone in the US to order a Bruko? I'm particularly interested in a conncert body with a tenor neck if they make that option. Thanx from JOE DAN BOYD

  3. Joe - I have seen people in the US talking about Brüko so they must be available - just not sure where. Sorry.

    I would suggest you email Hubert through his site - he's a really nice guy! http://brueko.de/en/index.html

    1. Uke Republic (250, Austell, GA 30106 +1 770 235 6606) sells them but they price them pretty high. I priced them for UR and Bruko and this is what I found: A No6 from Uke Republic is $282 shipping included. You can buy direct from Bruko for $204 shipping included, you do have to ask for a invoice deducting the VAT but that is a minor thing.

  4. beautifully played!!! What strings do you use? They don't look like the strings which come along with Brüko 6 I bought a week ago...

  5. Sadly - not me playing! I do know the strings are Worth BM's though


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