Big River - Johnny Cash Ukulele chords

30 May 2012

Big River - Johnny Cash Ukulele chords

Another nice easy one to play, and one of my favourite cash songs - Big River

The key below is in F, which allows you to play along with Johnny (see video at the end). You may find it sounds better on a uke in the key of G though (and easier to sing). You need to transpose chords to do that, so the F becomes a G, the G7 becomes a A7, the C7 becomes D7 and the Bb becomes C.

Either way it works well.

Have fun!

[F]Now I taught the weeping willow how to cry
And I showed the clouds how to cover up a [G7]clear blue [C7]sky
And the [F]tears that I cried for that woman are gonna [Bb]flood you Big River
Then [F]I'm gonna sit right [C7]here until I [F]die

I met her accidentally in St.Paul, Minnesota
And it tore me up every time I heard her drawl southern drawl
Then I heard my dream was back downstream cavorting in Davenport
And I followed you Big River when you called

Then you took me to St. Louis later on down the river
A freighter said she's been here but she's gone boy she's gone
I found her trail in Memphis but she just walked up the block
She raised a few eyebrows and then she went on down alone

Now won't you batter down by Baton Rouge River Queen roll it on
Take that woman on down to New Orleans New Orleans
Go on I've had enough dump my blues down in the gulf
She loves you Big River more than me

[Repeat first verse to end]


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