My new chords book - a HUGE thank you

24 Mar 2012

My new chords book - a HUGE thank you

Well, whilst I'd had many people suggest a chords book, I really didn't know how it would do. I owe readers a huge vote of thanks though as it seems to have gone down very well!

As I type this it's number 5 in the UK amazon music book chart and top 50 in the USA!

The reviews are also much appreciated. Shame there is a spiteful one which seems to talk about assumed content that isn't actually in the book... (Though the same reviewer also takes it upon themselves to try to speak for the uke community - its not the voice of the friendly community I know and love, so pinch of salt time!)

Anyway, as has always been the offer with my earlier books, I'm free to receive your messages if you want any advice or support whatsoever. When I started the blog that was my aim, to assist and encourage, and that stands to this day. You can email me on the Contact page (see above)

The chord book is on Amazon (and also Amazon UK, DE, IT, FR and ES) and in other formats on Smashwords. In time will filter through to the Nook, iTunes, Sony and Kobo stores too, but for now Smashwords carries those formats but you'll need to transfer manually.

Thanks to all! Keep strumming!

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