Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes - Chords

26 Mar 2012

Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes - Chords

Many thanks to my ukulele jam friend Mike for getting us playing this one. It's a perfect song for a beginner as it only has two (yes, two, count them) chords - Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes.

(Video at the end if you don't know the song)

These chords are in the correct key for the Cash version, though we play it for a slightly higher voice! - Simply swap the D for a C and the A chord for a G.

On a (D) Monday, I was (A)arrested.
On a Tuesday, they locked me in the (D) jail.
On a Wednesday, my trial was (A)attested.
On a Thursday they said guilty and the judge's gavel (D)fell.

I got stripes, stripes around my (A) shoulders.
I got chains,chains around my (D) feet.
I got stripes, stripes around my (A) shoulders,
and them chains them chains are about to drag me (D)down.

On a Monday, I got my stripy britches,
On a Tuesday, got my ball and chain.
On a Wednesday, I'm workin diggin' ditches,
On a Thursday, Lord I'd begged them not to knock me down again


On a Monday, my mama come to see me.
On a Tuesday, they caught me with a file.
On a Wednesday, I'm down in solitary. 
On a Thursday, Lord I start on bread and water for a while.



  1. as a beginner uke play it would be nice if the songs had a suggested strum pattern with them

  2. I completely disagree and never recommend strumming patterns, sorry. The song is in the video and there are only two chords! Learn the basic rhythm and chord changes in time with the song first, then worry about pattens. There ISN'T an agreed strumming pattern anyway as the song wasn't written for a ukulele!!


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