Futulele - no thanks

15 Mar 2012

Futulele - no thanks

Ok, ok, a lot of people have been sharing this, but I was on holiday. I suppose it deserves a place on Got A Ukulele, but I can't say I'm totally impressed.

The Futulele is and iPad and iPhone app that you can strum like a uke. Own both an iPad and an iPhone and you can fit them together to use the iPhone for the fretting and the iPad for strumming....

So... Erm.... Not really sure what to say... It's a gimmick. There will be no tactile feedback from the strings on either the fretting or strumming, and fingerpicking must be dreadful. But oh well, I'm not totally behind the times. I'm blogging this from an iPad! But please, please, nobody tell me that someone considers this an actual uke, when you can by a Dolphin for $50... Oh, and a real uke doesn't need a battery!

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