Chords for ukulele players - new ebook

22 Mar 2012

Chords for ukulele players - new ebook

Well I did a bit of research with ukulele players and some readers of this website and have been persuaded.  Hot on the heels of my new book ' More Of What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know', I have launched a companion ebook of ukulele chords!

Called 'Chords That Ukulele Players Really Want To Know', the book is available for Kindle and other ebook formats (including epub for the iPhone and iPad), and allows you to have a ready access to some standard chord charts wherever you go - on your phone, on your ereader or on your tablet.

It contains over 300 chord boxes covering all the key chords that beginners will want to try out, and also provides some popular chords for Baritone tuning AND (something I rarely see out there) a set of all the chords in left handed notation!

The book is available on and Amazon UK in Kindle format, and on Smashwords for all the other popular e formats.

I hope it helps you out!



  1. Barry,
    I was looking at a sample of the book on iPad Stanza. The Am7 chord doesn't include the easy no fret fingering. A aug fingering seems wrong and A9 has the wrong fingering. And Amin6 is on the Ab page. What's up?

  2. They are not wrong. You can play Am7 with no fingers, granted, but there is more than one way to make some chords. A aug is a correct way, though technically you should leave the A string open. A9 is perfectly correct.

  3. A9 shows the the third fret of the A string. Shouldn't it be the 2nd fret?

  4. Oh no, does it? Argggghhh! Will get it changed.


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