Ukulele News - 26 February 2012

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26 Feb 2012

Ukulele News - 26 February 2012

Another round up of ukulele news from around the world.

In Hull (UK) - full marks to the resident who chose teaching the ukulele as her contribution to the Timebank skills exchange.


BONSAI GUITARS??????????????  Grrrrrrrr.


Nice short piece about the wonderful Heather Ellison.


Great review of Jakes gig in California, plus some awesome photos of a maestro at work.


Ricky Martin strums ukes? Need to find a photo for my Famous Ukulele Players section.


Nice article about how Julia Nunes got her break


RIP Ken Goodwin - Comedian and ukulele player.

More news next week!


  1. Thanks for posting these, now I can get my fix of ukulele news

  2. For a second I thought "Bonsai Guitars" was a new line sponsoring them, and then realized someone was trying to be clever. Besides, they have a bass player, so that's a little misleading to say their 'only' bringing . . .

    I really enjoyed the piece on Julia Nunes. I think why people adore her though is partly because she is so adorable.


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