Ukulele Jam report

14 Feb 2012

Ukulele Jam report

After a short break, it was good to get together with friends again last Sunday for another ukulele jam.

I haven't posted details of one of our sessions for a while, but you can read others by clicking the 'Gig Report' tag at the end of this post.  I've put them up as a means to provide inspiration on songs you can think about playing.

This week, as well as the staple favourites we play that you will read on the other entries, we tried a few new songs that worked rather well. Why not have a go at these?

Running To Stand Still - U2 - starting off slow with fingerpicking and into a heartier strum for the passionate last verse.

Tomorrow Is A Long Time  - Dylan - just fabulous fingerpicked on the uke!

Walk Right Back - Everly Brothers

I Got Stripes - Johnny Cash

In more depressing news, I still didn't make it all the way through Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.... More practice Mr Maz!


  1. I'm trying Desperately to find tabs for Tomorrow is a Long Time. I've played around with the picking myself, but I'd love to see what others have come up with. Care to share?


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