The Got A Ukulele Twitter list

9 Feb 2012

The Got A Ukulele Twitter list

Some of you may know (if you follow Twitter) that there is a kind of event that happens every Friday called Follow Friday. On that day, people who use twitter list the names of others that they recommend you follow by name including the hashtag #FF. I don't follow friday myself, but I do run something else - Ukulele Saturday!

On that day I send a number of tweets listing the Ukulele people that I enjoy following with the tag #ukulelesaturday. That got me thinking, and because I run this site I can go one better.

So, if you are on twitter, and are starting out with the ukulele, I present below a list of Tweeters that you really should click and follow if you want to get involved in the ukulele community. All either play, make, or just appreciate ukes and all are jolly nice people.

(nb - I am BOUND to miss somebody and upset them. Not intentional, as I am following hundreds but this list represents the most uke-centric! - in any case, let me know if you want adding and I may do that.  Keep this page bookmarked as it will be updated. Oh, and these are in no particular order!!)

So here you have it - the world of ukulele on Twitter just a click away.  Make sure you say hello and mention the uke!


Oh, and of course, you can follow me at @bazmaz_ukulele


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