Famous Ukulele Players - Part 22

6 Feb 2012

Famous Ukulele Players - Part 22

Another round up of famous people who you may not know play the ukulele!

Chris Leslie, Ric Sanders, Dave Pegg (Fairport Convention)

Prince Charles!

Ryan Gosling

Winston Marshall (Mumford and Sons)

James Franco

Fozzie Bear

And you can check out previous editions of Famous Ukulele Players below

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  1. Hi, Really enjoying the articles and a few of them did surprise me, but might I ask how you got this far in the series without mentioning Charlie Mcdonnell(His entire Album is played on the Ukulele, although some other instruments are used as well) and Alex Day, which surprised me as he was Number 4 in the charts this Christmas.

  2. Hi Will - the reason is that the listing is to identify well known celebrities who are not normally associated with the ukulele - in fact the majority of them are not musicians in their day job.

    I do run features and show videos though of people who are known primarily for the uke, but not on this list. Have seen Charlies work and he is a talented guy.

  3. (though I did run one special post in the series to list a few of the really big ukulele names, but haven't done more. I like finding pictures of the surprising ones, like Pierce Brosnan and Neil Armstrong!)


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