Ukulele News - Oct 21st

21 Oct 2011

Ukulele News - Oct 21st

Starting a new regular feature on Got A Ukulele, a regular weekly roundup of ukulele news from around the world..

So, what do we have this week?

Well I am always taken by news stories that report how schools are introducing the ukulele, and even better, the kids are loving it. Say hello to the kids of Shipston High School in the Cotswolds, UK. Even better, their Music Teacher, David Hunt is planning on taking them to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain! Lucky kids eh? Read more HERE.


Moving on, my readers will know I am something of a fan of Amanda Palmer. I was a fan before she turned to the ukulele, so you can imagine how pleased I was when she started to uke. Nice to see her checked in relation to her school in Lexington. The uke has wide appeal, and Amanda is doing great things to promote the instrument.


Obviously, I may be preaching to the converted now, but Jake Shimabukuro is something of a modern day ukulele legend. Scratch that. Jake Shimabukuro IS a modern day ukulele legend. As such, the Epoch Times seem to have recognised that he gets the odd hit on YouTube now and again.....


Another shout for Jake now, and I admit I may be jumping the gun here. Oh well, the major new networks jump the gun all the time and get away with it.... Anyway, a little while ago in August, a new bunch of strummers broke the World Record for the most ukulele players playing together in one place. The London Uke Jam had previously set this record, but a bunch of players in Helsingborg, Sweden took the crown with 1547 players.

Hawaii felt the need to stand up and be counted.... They have been advertising a rival bid that takes place THIS VERY EVENING at the Waikiki Shell Amphitheatre in Oahau, aiming for more than 2000 players on the roster.  Jake is billed as leading the way, so we can only wait for the news...  Read more  HERE


Back to the UK, and our favourite UK ensemble, the UOGB are playing at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool on Sunday 23rd. I've seen them play live a couple of times and it is a show not to be missed - if you are in Lancashire, I urge you to make the trip! MORE


More Ukulele News next week!


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