Ukulele News - 29 October 2011

29 Oct 2011

Ukulele News - 29 October 2011

Here we go with this weeks ukulele news round up.

Comedian, Frank Skinner hosts excellent tribute to the late George Formby and the ukulele. I think its fair to say that Frank and George both polarise opinions, but I thought this show was handled brilliantly and was a joy for uke players. Includes contributions from Steven Sproat and the Uke Wednesdays group in London.  If you missed it its available on iPlayer HERE


The Canadians have long been big fans of the ukulele, and this piece in the Calgary Herald gives a nice thumbs up to the uke


I find fewer things more uplifting that stories about kids getting involved with a musical instrument - take this example, of St Saviours Infant School in Bath, UK. If you have kids of your own, think about putting a ukulele on their Christmas list!


Fancy some Ukulele Bluegrass? Course you do!


More news updates next week!


  1. It's nice to see a TV programme about the ukulele that wasn't treated as a joke.
    Frank Skinner did a good job, if a little biased.
    I think it's a case of, if you play the uke you get it.
    If you don't you'll never understand what the uke is about.
    I suspect that the majority of the UOGB audiences are uke players. The rest are long suffering spouses.


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