Spanish Harlem - Ben E King - Ukulele Chords

19 Sept 2011

Spanish Harlem - Ben E King - Ukulele Chords

At our recent ukulele jam session, by request, we stumbled on this classic tune. Performed by Ben E King, but also many, many others, Spanish Harlem turns out to be a lovely song to slowly strum on the uke. Even better played with two or more people, with one uke doing some fingerpicking.

Only three basic chords too, that are easy enough to transpose up or down if the key isn't right for your voice ( example, instead of C, F and G, you could try D, G and A, or B, E and F.)

Give it a try, and try to give your strums a kind of lazy Latin bossanova feel to them!

SPANISH HARLEM for ukulele

Verse 1

(C)There is a rose in Spanish Harlem,

A red rose up in Spanish Harlem.

(F)It is a special one, it's never seen the sun,

It only comes out when the moon is on the run,

And all the stars are (C) gleaming.

(G)It's growing in the street,

Right up through the concrete...

But soft and (C)dreaming.

Verse 2

(C)There is a rose in Spanish Harlem,

A red rose up in Spanish Harlem,

(F)With eyes as black as coal,

That look down in my soul,

And start a fire, and then I lose control,

I have to beg your(C) pardon.

(G)I'm gonna pick that rose and watch her as she grows...

In my (C)garden.


OUTRO (G)I'm gonna pick that rose,

And watch her as she grows, in my (C) garden.

(C) There is a rose in Spanish Harlem.........

Repeat to end.

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