Ukulele A-Z - S is for....

11 Aug 2011

Ukulele A-Z - S is for....

Continuing my series of the Ukulele A to Z, this time we come to the letter S.

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The piece of the ukulele, over which the strings run a the bottom of the instrument.  Whilst they are sometimes a moulded one piece item, the saddle is most commonly a thin strip of hard material ranging from plastic to bone and are set in a slot in the wooden bridge. Accurate saddle placement provides accurate tuning by ensuring the correct Scale Length (see below). Accurate height of the saddle ensures the correct action and intonation.


The measurement along the length of the strings measured between the nut and the saddle.  This length needs to be accurate in relation to the placement of the frets to ensure accuracy in the notes being played. The top of the 12th fret always denotes the exact halfway point of the string.


The general term given to the adjustment of various elements of the ukulele, in particular the nut and the saddle to provide optimum playing feel and accuracy.


The term given to a note that is sounded higher than its normal pitch.


A traditional method of finishing the head of the ukulele. Rather than having tuning pegs running through the head from underneath a slotted headstock has the pegs running in to the instrument from the side, with the strings running in to the slots to be wound around the pegs.

mainland slotted headstock ukulele
Slotted Headstock Mainland Ukulele


The smallest of the four standard ukulele sizes. This is the traditional ukulele size and is tuned GCEA with a high, re-entrant G string


The term given to the flat piece of wood that makes the top of the body of the ukulele and holds the bridge and the sound hole. Also simply called the "top" of the instrument.  The soundboard creates the sound a uke makes when strummed by vibrating.


The hole in the soundboard or top of the ukulele, usually directly under the strings that provides projection of the sound created by vibrating the top of the instrument


A style of playing which involves running the fingers over all or some of the strings in a rhythm


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