Favourite Kindle passages from my book

13 Aug 2011

Favourite Kindle passages from my book

One interesting feature of the Amazon Kindle is the ability for readers to highlight favourite sections from a book and share them with other readers.

Just looking on Amazon at My ebook - What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know, and the Amazon page is listing the most highlighted sentences.

Here they are below!

Ukulele Underground – http://www.ukuleleunderground.com – In my opinion,

Highlighted by 3 Kindle users

I personally like the Brown Mediums, labelled as BM (well... duh!). These strings are thinner than Aquilas, and are smooth in finish (so slippy).

Highlighted by 3 Kindle users

the entry level models from Bruko. These are (amazingly) handmade in Germany, are made completely from solid wood, and start at around £100.

Highlighted by 3 Kindle users

The safest option I can recommend is to buy a Flea ukulele made by the Magic Fluke Company. They are, due to their construction, almost guaranteed to be set up well.

Highlighted by 3 Kindle users

“the gift that came here”, from the Hawaiian words uku (gift or reward) and lele (to come).

Highlighted by 3 Kindle users

Whats your favourite section?

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