Build Me Up Buttercup ukulele chords

28 Jul 2011

Build Me Up Buttercup ukulele chords

Well, if you liked the Video why not try it for yourself? Chords below!

Intro: [G] [B7] [C] [D7] [G] [B7] [C] [D7]

[D7] Why do you [G] build me up [B7] Buttercup baby
Just to [C] let me down and [D7] mess me around
And then [G] worst of all you [B7] never call baby
When you [C] say you will but [D7] I love you still
I need [G] you more than [G7] anyone darling
You [C] know that I have from the [Cm] start
So [G] build me up (build me up) [D7] Buttercup
Don't break my [C] heart [G] [D7] [D7]

I'll be [G] over at [D7] ten
You told me [F] time and a[C]gain
But you're [G] late
I wait a[C]round and then..

I [G] run to the [D7] door
I can't [F] take any [C] more
It's not [G] you you let me [C] down again

(Hey hey [Am] hey) baby baby [D7]I'm tryin to find
(Hey hey [Bm] hey) a little time and [E7] I'll make you mine
[C] I'll be home I'll be be[A7]side the phone waiting for [D7] you


[D7] To [G] you I'm a [D7] toy but I [F] could be the [C] boy
You a[G]dore if you just [C] let me know
Al[G]though you're un[D7] true
I'm a[F]ttracted to [C] you All the [G] more why do I [C] need you so

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chrous

So [G] build me up (build me up) [D7] Buttercup Don't break my [C] heart [G]

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