Ukulele A-Z - N is for...

5 Jun 2011

Ukulele A-Z - N is for...

In this edition we move on to the letter N in my Ukulele A to Z.


A hardwood used as an inexpensive substitute for Mahogany.


The piece of wood that holds the fingerboard, and runs between the Body of the ukulele and the Headstock.


A written system of notes, figures, and symbols used to represent musical tones and dynamic values in a composition.


The sound made when a string is plucked at a particular fret position. The note is designed by the frequency of it's vibration. The position of the frets on the ukulele creates different notes when the string is held and plucked in the various positions.


The strip of material, either hard plastic or bone located at the top end of the fingerboard over which the strings are held in slots on their way to the tuning pegs. The accurate placement of the nut in relation to the saddle is essential for accurate tuning.

Nut Slots

The four grooves cut into the nut that hold the strings in place at the correct spacing.


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