Ukulele gig report - boy it was hot!

27 Jun 2011

Ukulele gig report - boy it was hot!

Last night was another ukulele get together in our local pub for what turned into another mammoth strumming session. In the UK at the moment we are having a heat wave - boy, was it hot! Furious uke strumming in 30 degree heat certainly put a sweat on the forehead!

Still, armed with the Fluke and the Flea as ukes of choice, and several cold beers we played many songs and got some good mass singsongs going to.

As usual, by way of inspiration, the set list is below. Give some of them a try!

It's Alright Mama
I Will Survive
Keep The Car Running
Tonight You Belong To Me
You've Got A Friend In Me
Country Roads
Hello Marylou
Brown Eyed Girl
Leaving Of Liverpool
Thunder Road
Born To Run
African Skies
I Saw Her Standing There
I'll be Your Baby Tonight
Ain't she Sweet
In The Summertime
King Of The Road
When you're Smiling
I Wanna Be Like You
I Walk The Line
Maggie May
Your Cheating Heart
Dream A Little Dream
Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
9 To 5


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  1. Good session-not so good for the head afterwards, for in more ways than one..not good colliding with the railings!

  2. And I thought it was just my wife who didn't know alcohol and bicycles don't mix!


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