Tonight You Belong To Me - Chords

23 Jun 2011

Tonight You Belong To Me - Chords

It's a perfect ukulele song, it was supremely used in the Steve Martin film 'The Jerk', and Eddie Vedder chose to cover it on his new Ukulele Songs album - Tonight You Belong To Me.

Every uke player should have this song in his or her arsenal, so have a listen to the video, and the chords and lyrics are below! The chords below are not quite as per the film, though you can find an excellent tutorial for the precise fingering on the Ukulele Hunt website HERE.  The version below works for me though.

Oh, and I can't help you with the trumpet part, but you could try a kazoo!

There are a couple of odd chords in here.  The Bbm6 is fingered by barring your first finger across the C, E and A strings at the first fret ( 0111), and the Bbm is a complete barre at the first fret and the G string at the third (3111)

Good luck!

I [F]know (I know)
You be[F7]long to [Bb]somebody [Bbm6]new,
But to[F]night you be[C7]long to [F]me. [Gm7][C7]

Al[F]though (although)
We're a[F7]part, you're [Bb]part of my [Bbm6]heart,
But to[F]night you be[C7]long to [F]me. [F7]

Way [Bbm]down, by the stream
How sweet it would seem,
Once [F]more just to[D7] dream in the [G7]moonlight, [C]
[X]My honey

I [F]know (I know)
With the [F7]dawn that [Bb]you will be [Bbm6]gone,
And to[F]night you be[C7]long to [F]me.

Just to[C7] little old  [F]me.


  1. Anyone notice that Steve Martin is using his banjo background to play the uke in a clawhammer style?

  2. On the comments on the YouTube page for this video, someone wrote: "At 4:34, after Steve stands up, he accidentally steps on the ukulele, and you can hear it break. Steve talked about this in one of his discussions of this movie." It is true that you can hear it break.

  3. Really pleased I found this. Been playing it all night now. Mrs not impressed and dog hiding in his bed. Thanks very much


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