Me And My Ukulele - Peter Smith

15 Jun 2011

Me And My Ukulele - Peter Smith

You may have seen on my post last week that I am starting a series on Got A Ukulele called "Me And My Ukulele" - it's a forum for readers to share their stories as to how and why they started playing the uke, and their stories along the way. I figured that it would be an excellent way to give those undecided about playing some real life stories to give them inspiration!

So, without further ado, say hello to the first contributer - Peter Smith!

Hello everyone! I am a 61 year old Pommy living in Sydney, Australia. I started out playing Guitar (fairly badly)and did so for for 45 years. I had to take it up, as every other Liverpool teenager did.    (KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! - ED)

I was first drawn to the Ukulele when I saw George Harrison playing Ain’t She Sweet in a video – no surprise there I suppose - he is a common reason for people choosing the uke!

Before moving to the ukulele though, I first got hold of a Mandolin for my 60th birthday. Following that though this earlier this year, in February, I visited Hawaii and I thought it would  the perfect timing and place to buy a Ukulele!  I bit the bullet!

My choice was a a Kala uke for $100 and have had SO much fun in the last 3 months playing it. I try to read your site most days and also check out Ukulele Mike, Richard G and The Ukulele Doctor. (GREAT SITES - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - ED)

I actually found it very easy to pick up the chords and I tend to think in shapes (coming from the guitar as I do) for example – a G7 is the shape of D7 on the Guitar, E7 is the shape of B7, C is the shape of G and so on. After that, I found very, very quickly that the sequence C, E7,A7, D7, G7 is a great combo for lots of old songs which I love.

To give you and the readers and example of where I got to - see my video ‘accompanying’ Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole below!

Peter - thanks so much for contributing - some nice strumming there too!

If you would like to share your uke story - get in touch!


  1. When I saw this site I was so excited I thought it is where I can find the chords/sheet music for Me and My Ukulele by Larry Warren. It is the cutest song ever but I can't seem to locate the chords online Great song to listen to on You Tube. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.


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