Me And My Ukulele - Krapo

21 Jun 2011

Me And My Ukulele - Krapo

Hot on the heels of Rae Carter yesterday, today we cross the English Channel in the Me and My Ukulele series, to say hello to Krapo!

Hi Bazmaz!

I read your article and I would like to share my story with your readers. My artist name is "Krapo" and I am in France.

I discovered the ukulele when I heard a singer / musician / songwriter whose band is called Milk & Fruit Juice - He made the opening song for a french TV show called NerdZ. I was amazed that what I had mistaken for a toy guitar could produce such beautiful sounds. So I ordered a cheap ukulele online and thought I would figure out how to play it.

I first used it for a contest where the TV show's host asked the audience to write him a love letter in order to win a limited edition Zelda Nintendo DS Lite. As he is a huge Zelda fan, I decided I would send a video of me singing a stupid song about him on the music of Zelda instead. And I won!

This made me realize how fun it is to rearrange songs and share them on the Internet. So I opened a YouTube Channel and created many original music arrangements, most of which feature an ukulele. I love playing unexpected songs with unexpected arrangements, so on the ukulele I played metal songs like Chop Suey by System Of A Down, or Love You to Death by Type O Negative. I also used it for videogames music like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Sunshine.

Now I am preparing live solo concerts in which I would alternately play the guitar, the ukulele, and my Nintendo DS's music software, covering all kinds of styles (pop, rock, metal, TV shows and cartoon themes, videogames musics, etc).

If this sounds interesting to you, please visit my website:

Thanks Krapo - an interesting take on what to play on the uke - I too love playing the unexpected!

If you too have a ukulele and want to share your story, how you got involved, or just what you like about it, click the contact me page at the top and email me about it.  The perfect way to inspire new players!


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