With apologies to my UK readers

15 May 2011

With apologies to my UK readers

I've had a couple of questions asked of me as to why the paperback version of my book, What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know is not available on the UK Amazon store.

what ukulele players really want to know

Well, it's not a deliberate thing!  The book is published by Amazons partner called Createspace, and is printed in the USA.  For some reason, the UK store doesnt link to that store, so if you see them on Amazon UK, you are buying used from a re-seller. Sorry!

That said, you are at liberty to order one from the Amazon US site - I did so myself in order to test postage delivery and it arrived in signed for post in about 4 days - not bad really!

If the situation changes, I will let you know.

You can view the Amazon US page to buy the book HERE - What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know - Amazon


  1. Funny though as it is available on Amazon Germany too.

  2. Crazy Moose - thanks for pointing that out - I had no idea and never checked that site - that is very odd

    Anyway,that may be a better option postage wise for people in the UK wanting to buy it. Maybe it will appear on UK soon.


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