Ukulele A-Z - G and H is for...

13 Apr 2011

Ukulele A-Z - G and H is for...

Gig /Gigging

Playing a live show

Gig Bag

A soft padded case for the ukulele which is not rigid, and designed to prevent scuffs and scratches when carrying the uke


The direction or layout of the wood cells in the woods used in the ukulele. An attractive grain pattern on the top of a uke is often considered desirable.


The action of "hammering down" a fretting finger on to a higher fret of a string that has just been plucked, creating a sudden change up in the note without plucking it again


The term used to describe the parts on a ukulele, most commonly the strap buttons, any electronics, the tuners etc.


Two or more notes sounding simultaneously.


The flat piece of wood at the end of the neck that holds the tuning pegs


The base part of the neck that widens as it attaches to the ukulele body


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