Ukulele connections

28 Apr 2011

Ukulele connections

I was thinking the other day about other things I like in life (perhaps I am getting old) and started to figure whether there were any connections in the ukulele playing world.

There appeared to be a common thread towards the simpler, nicer things in life. Don't get me wrong, I am no luddite, I blog, am a gadget freak and love nothing more than watching a movie on a nice big TV, but in other areas I seem to differ wildly! Have a read below.

1. As well as playing ukulele, I play guitar and harmonica. Whilst I own a very nice Fender Stratocaster, I tend to play mostly acoustic guitar (I play a Taylor) and like impromptu gigging in pub beer gardens! I also have a guilty pleasure of adoring Country music and have been known to play Banjo and Mandolin.

2. Drinks wise - real cask beer and real cider. In fact I also brew my own. Love good malt Whisky. Think Euro-fizz cheap lager is despicable.

3. We grow our own and also run an allotment. The blackberries, blackcurrants and tayberries in the garden will be mostly used to make flavoured gins or vodkas for Christmas time. The crabapples will be added to a cider for flavour.

4. I ride a traditionally made, lugged bicycle (A Pashley, you can read more about here -Pashley Roadster review) which is big and heavy, but a joy to ride.

5. I have a humidor upstairs with a number of very nice Cuban cigars sleeping and ageing quietly.

6. Hats of choice are either a pure wool tweed cap or in the worst weather a fur felt Akubra.

7. Whilst I have an extensive CD collection, I am most happy playing vinyl records on a turntable. I still buy vinyl more than CD, and have been known to buy new releases on both CD and vinyl.

8. I like astronomy and photography.

9. My favourite films tend to be in the old classic category or are French or Spanish.

10. I prefer my tea made with real tea leaves in a pot.

11. Whilst I am a huge football fan, my ideal way of relaxing watching sport is a full day in the sun watching a Cricket match.

12. I shave with a double edged safety razor and despise those multi blade cartridges that you need to speak to the bank manager just to afford to buy.

13. We own a Labrador and a Beagle.

14. My idea of a music festival is something like the Fairport Convention Cropredy gathering, and going with my children.

15. I have a hankering for an old type 1 Land Rover just for tinkering with and creating oil spills on the driveway.

16. I prefer to buy meat, fish and vegetables from the butcher, fishmonger and grocer than in plastic pots at a Supermarket. (Believe me, in the UK, sadly, that has become the exception to the rule in most towns).

17. For holidays, I would much prefer to go exploring local villages and towns than sit on the beach. Eat where the locals eat.

So, what is the point of all this? Well I do frequent a lot of internet resources connected with the ukulele and music generally (forums and the like) and I have noticed that in many other ukulele players I find matches with far more of the above than you would expect. So thought it was interesting. How about you - what are your other likes besides the ukulele?


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