New Ukulele Poll

4 Apr 2011

New Ukulele Poll

If you glance over to the right column of this blog, you will see that I have started a new poll. I am interested in how the readership is split between those with and without ukes, and I would be most grateful for your votes!

So tell the world - are you an aspiring player? Been playing a while but looking to upgrade your uke? Advanced player with a bad case of UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome!)?


  1. I answered 'thinking about buying first uke' because that is the way I found your book and then your blog. Best $0.99 I've spent in a long time. Until your book, I never would have considered the plastic Makala Dolphin and now I am a happy owner/picker/strummer of one. I'm learning more each week and still continue to refer back to the advice in your book as I progress. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment T! Glad you liked it. I get a few comments suggesting I work for Kala (I dont) - i just made the same mistakes many make and bought the absolute cheapest uke I could find first time. The thing about the Makala is - the price is not that different to the other cheapies, but when set up right, the sound is just great. I've said it before and will say it again - I have gigged with my Makala a few times!

  3. I've marked myself up as "Beginner wanting to upgrade" despite having played for a year and now owning four ukes. There's no way I could throw my hat in the ring as an "Advanced player".

  4. Thanks Simon - though that all depends how quick you progressed since starting!

    That said - we were all beginners once - even Jake S - we all go through it, we all get the sore fingers, the hand cramps, the uncomfortable strumming - it DOES get better though.

    Keep strumming!


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