8 Mar 2011


Thanks to ALL those who entered the competition to win the ukulele capo, kindly supplied by Sutherland Trading.

The entries were great - some laugh out loud classics, some jokes that make you groan (no matter-  I like both kinds!!)

You can see all the entries to the competition in the comments below.  Particular favourites of mine included Berts simple "What do you call a musician without a girlfriend?  Homeless" (how true!) and kcs's wonderfully silly 

"Two atoms walk into a bar -one checks his pockets, and says "I think I've lost an electron!"
The other says, "Are you sure?"
And the first replies, "Yup - I'm positive"."

Lots of ukulele and music related gags, which were not essential but I am glad you posted them as they were a bonus for fellow uke players.

But it took a lot of thought, and I am pleased to declare the winner is Fitncrafty with her joke that really made me smile - but best of all, I told it to others - can't say better than that. Her joke below!

Two old men in a barber shop... Little boy enters, Old man number 1 says "I'll show you how stupid this kid is"
Old man #1 pulls two quarters out of his pocket and in the other hand a dollar bill. He says to the kid, "Which would you rather have?" The kid takes the two quarters and runs away.

Later old man number two is done with haircut.  He sees the little boy coming out of the ice cream shop with an ice cream cone and asks him "Why do you always take the two quarters?" The boy responds "As soon as I take the dollar bill, the game is over!!!"

Get in touch Fitncrafty, and we can sort out getting it posted out to you. Hope you enjoy it!

More product reviews coming folks, and more giveaways so stay tuned!


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