Ukulele A-Z - C is for.....

26 Mar 2011

Ukulele A-Z - C is for.....

Continuing my A to Z for ukulele players - this time, the letter C!


A device which attaches to the ukulele at a certain fret which, when tightened, has the effect of moving the nut to that fret, thus shortening the strings and raising the register of the instrument. Usually used by those wishing to play the same chord patterns to a song that is otherwise to deep for them to comfortably sing to.


A combination of notes played in harmony, usually effected on a ukulele by holding strings at different frets allowing the individual strings to play complimentary notes.

Chord Chart

A diagram showing a range of chords and how the fingers should be applied to the strings (and at which frets) to play the particular chord.

Chord Progression

A sequence of chords played one after each other.


The size up from a Soprano Ukulele allowing slightly easier fingering, usually tuned GCEA and with a 15” Scale Length.


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