Ukulele Heroes - James Hill

28 Mar 2011

Ukulele Heroes - James Hill

Back up to the present day with my series on ukulele heroes, and we turn to Ukulele James - James Hill

james hill ukulele

Now here is a ukulele player that you should really check out if you want inspiration!

James was born in Canada in the 1970's in Langley, British Colombia, and interestingly it is in BC that the ukulele is mandatory in schools (you heard me - MANDATORY) - James was therefore introduced to the uke at the age of nine and was hooked.

By his teens, he improved his skills in the the Langley Ukulele Ensemble and also got into teaching uke.

Since then, James has emerged as a huge ukulele talent and recording artist, with his 2002 release "Playing It Like It Isn't" setting the standard in his bid to convince the doubters of the seriousness of the ukulele.  He collaborated with cellist Anne Davison on the wonderful True Love Dont Weep album, but really hit the spot with his third album A Flying Leap.

He has now made TV appearances on MTV and the Tony Danza show and has shared the bill with the likes of Lyle Lovett and Robert Cray.

A true ukulele hero who's star is in the ascendancy


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