Coming Soon!

19 Mar 2011

Coming Soon!

I am, it must be said, a little backlogged with the real world at the moment, so have had a couple of slight gaps in my ukulele postings - I do try to post each and every day on the uke blog, and feel I owe an explanation when I can't do that. At present its nothing more than pressures of the day job mixed with an 18mnth old daughter who isnt sleeping due to a hacking cough and a snotty nose!

Anyway, I am quite excited by what is coming on Got A Ukulele, so I thought it was probably worth sharing that with you.

I have a couple of great interviews coming up, including the final interview in my series with UK Ukulele clubs. I think the last couple went down well, and the next one speaks to the Balham Ukulele Society - one thing that draws them all together is a love for the uke and a desire to bring new people forward and give them a voice.

I also have more product reviews in the pipeline, and first up will be another strap review - its a lovely product that I think you will like!

I also intend to keep up the uke heroes section that you have spoken favourably of, and will be shortly running and A-Z of Ukulele terms.

As always, your recommendations and ideas are most welcomed, - get in touch on the Contact me page with ideas, products to review, or anything else!

Keep strumming!


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