Ukulele family

10 Feb 2011

Ukulele family

Re-organising the house, and managed to take this shot of my current crop of ukuleles.

Isn't it nice to see them all together this way?!  A ukulele family!

gotaukulele family
My ukes! (click to enlarge)

The ukulele in the foreground is a Makala Dolphin in a light violet colour.

At the back from left to right we have:

Mahalo U50 (blerrrgggh - ultra cheap - lives in my bathroom (I kid you not...)
Fluke Concert in natural finish top
Ozark 2025 Banjolele
Mainland Mahogany Concert slottted head model 
Flea Soprano in Poiple colour
Vintage VUK20 - (a cheapie for knocking around)

I have owned others, some of which I have liked, but traded them in or sold them, including my Bruko and my Eleuke.


  1. Very nice. I have a cheap Maholo baritone that is a real beauty. I have my eyes On a sopranino at present. Will take a family shot soon.

  2. Love the Mainland. I ended up selling my Eleuke as well. After a while I realized I was an acoustic man.


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