When I'm Cleaning Windows - Ukulele chords

16 Jan 2011

When I'm Cleaning Windows - Ukulele chords

How could I come this far with the blog and not put up a George Formby song?

Yes, yes I know, its a cliche, but be honest, if you have a uke, are you honestly telling me you havent considered it.?  I love playing this - it looks easy, and it really is just two repeating patterns, but it can play quite fast, and you need to get the rhythm right.  Have fun missus!

(keep an eye on the blog, as I will be doing a bit of a bio on George Formby in weeks to come...)

(lyrics provided strictly for educational purposes only!)

When I'm Cleaning Windows

I go window cleaning to earn an honest bob.
For a nosey parker it's an interesting job

[F]Now it's a job that [F7] just suits me,
[Bb] A window cleaner [G7] you will be.
If [F] you could see what [D7] I can see
[Db7] When I'm cleaning [F] windows.

[F] The honeymooning [F7] couples too,
[Bb] You should see them [G7] bill and coo.
You'd [F] be surprised at [D7] things they do
[Db7] When I'm cleaning [F] windows.

[A7] In my profession I work hard, [D7] but I'll never stop.
[G7] I'll climb this blinking ladder [C] 'til I get right to the [C7] top.

[F] The blushing bride she [F7] looks divine,
The [Bb] bridegroom he is [G7] doing fine
I'd [F] rather have his [D7] job than mine
[Db7] When I'm cleaning [F] windows.

[F] The chambermaid sweet [F7] names I call,
It's a [Bb] wonder [G7] I don't fall.
My [F]minds not on my [D7] work at all
[Db7] When I'm cleaning [F] windows

[F] I know a fellow [F7] such a swell,
He has a [Bb] thirst it's [G7] plain to tell.
I've [F] seen him drink his [D7] bath as well
[Db7] When I'm cleaning [F] windows

[A7] In my profession I work hard, [D7] but I'll never stop.
[G7] I'll climb this blinking ladder [C] 'til I get right to the [C7] top.

[F] Pyjamas lying [F7] side by side
[Bb] ladies nighties [G7]I have spied.
I've [F] often seen what [D7] goes inside,
[Db7] when I'm cleaning [F] windows.

[F] There's a famous [F7] talkie queen,
[Bb] looks a flapper [G7] on the screen.
She's [F] more like eighty [D7 ]than eighteen
[Db7] When I'm cleaning [F] windows.

[F] She pulls her hair all [F7] down behind,
Then [Bb] pulls down her, [G7] never mind
After [F] that pulls [D7] down the blind
[Db7] When I'm cleaning [F] windows.

[A7] In my profession I work hard, [D7] but I'll never stop.
[G7] I'll climb this blinking ladder [C]'til I get right to the [C7] top.

[F]At eight o'clock a [F7] girl she wakes,
[Bb] At five past eight a [G7] bath she takes.
[Db7]When I'm cleaning [F] windows.


  1. My parents think that our society has gotten rather sex-obsessed but these lyrics prove that we humans have always had one thing on our minds! The lyrics here are just more suggestive than overt by current standards.

  2. very true i have to learn this for my class end of school assembly and i am the only one playing the uke/ukulele so i am a bit nervouse so wish me luck!!!

  3. A classic,great fun.

  4. Has anyone got the chords for the solo? I've been searching everywhere.

  5. Last verse, penultimate line:

    At [F] ten past eight my [D7] ladder breaks

    Now, how about that solo, Barry?

  6. brilliant, very cool song for my uke

  7. I am a learner ..and the quint essential uku peace has always been "When I'm cleaning windows.....just tried to play and except for a few cords that I haven't learned yet ...let out a big yahoo,, when I finished ..only had 4 lessons ..so may be another George ( ett) Formby coming up . :)...
    thank you for your site ..what a joy...

  8. Thank you for this-I play the guitar for a hobby-I never heard the song before,but every time I play music for my residents as an activity at the Dementia Unit where I work,there's this one Resident who always asks if I know When I'm cleaning Windows?-and he keeps on asking every time ,so this is a bonus for me.I will learn it he will ask no more .thank you.

  9. I actually did not want to play George Formby songs but i have to admit they are great songs to play. I am surprised how much i like playing them.

  10. Hahah, that song is hilarious! I'll try to convinced my colleges to sing it at work! Thank you for sharing! You made my day!


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