New ukulele tuner on its way - the Snark

31 Jan 2011

New ukulele tuner on its way - the Snark

My Kala clip on tuner has been beaten and bruised too much, and now the hinge broke.

No matter, these things are cheap as chips (and an essential purchase for new players - not got one yet?  Go and find one!)

Anyway, I needed a new one and bought this - the Snark

snark tuner got a ukulele

So why that particular tuner?  Well, unless you are getting into spending £50 plus (which I dont think is worth it) most clip tuners are all about the same price (in the £10 - £15 range) and essentially all do the same thing very well.  I bought this one because it looks funky, and I like the name.  Also heard good things about the screen too.  This one works on both vibration or can be switched to use an inbuilt microphone.  The blue version only works on vibrations.

I will, in due course, be doing a proper article on tuners for my beginners guides, so keep a look out.


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