More uke shirts

16 Dec 2010

More uke shirts

No, not another plug for my own ukulele T-shirts (though you can find those HERE)..(lol)

What I like about the ukulele community is we like to look after our own - that isn't to say its a closed shop, it just means that if you come across a fellow uker, you immediately make a friend.  You see, its that sort of instrument!

Anyway, one of my followers has come up with a cracking ukulele T-Shirt idea - its seems to me it will appeal to the gangster movie types of you, or in fact anyone wanting to make a ukulele statement!

Well I am all for ukulele T-shirts, wherever they come from so suggest you take a look at the shop!

The store can be found HERE

(By the way - this guy is really blossoming on ukulele, and is now getting gigs and big hits on Youtube.  You can see his videos - HERE - wow - he has a hell of a work ethic - I'm struggling to keep up with the uploads - but then, that's the other thing about the ukulele - its so addictive - you cant walk past it without picking it up!  Keep it up fella!)



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