London UkeyLove Festival 2011

6 Nov 2010

London UkeyLove Festival 2011

To get you in the mood for the next UkeyLove festival in 2011 (see my last post)  DeQuincey Prescott of UkeyLove has sent me some cool links that show off the fun that was had at the last ukulele festival in 2009

First off - some great photos to view here courtesy of Sam Roberts - CLICK

Quincey's report of the 2009 festival below, buit dont just take his word for it - some great press reviews are available HERE

Looks like a great event


851 thank yous!!
Dear World Record Holder!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all for a wonderful day. It was truly fun and moving.
We always said we wanted to throw a free party for 2,000 people and we estimate that we have between 2,000 and 3,000 visitors on the day and that through the BBC radio 4, Cambridge, Berkshire and London, Heart FM, City Sound, ITV london, NME, TimeOut and your enthusiastic forwarding of emails the event was publicized to over 1,000,000 people world wide. You and your uke made a lot of people smile.
I would like to thank our sponsors who helped us put on the free event for you. Devonshire Square for the venue the security and the facilities, Faber Music, DJM music, The massive Duke of Uke and where it all started and ended with an ace after party love fest The Royal George.
I would also like to give a special mention our 4 notaries Robert, Peter, Ana and Patrick and Craig our chief adjudicator and his assistant from Guinness who apparently commented that our registration system and organization was the best he had ever seen for any world record attempt. Well done to you all. It was great to see you being counted into the venue for the attempt itself. The happy line went on forever! I think all of us would like to thank Rufus and Nick for being the band leaders for the record. Simply the funniest uke lesson ever.
I will coordinate with Guinness so that we can get your certificates to you.
I would like to give a massive hug and thanks to the World Record Organising team.
Matt my right hand man... dude you rock.
Martin, Keith and Stuart who are simply the smoothest and wisest of guys to work with, a pleasure.
Nick sound man extraordinaire, total respect to you.
Paul "The angel" Melton... who can tell 1,000,000 people in a week what is going on.. Simply amazing..
Sally, Susie and Hattie for the big cards, ace!
Rufus the best copy ever and a bedrock of support.
Richy the best head steward in the World.
Jaime who designed our original website, which is now the stuff of legends.
Caroline and Lorraine who got schools on board so we had little troops of kids singing as they moved in lines through the festival. A touching site!
Diego, Katie and Natalia so many people will benefit from your efforts with the charity.
And finally Jez the line up of music you put together was amazing.
All of you acts rocked and as punters you have our support. We love the music you perform and you as people.
When we started this ride 4 months ago with no money and no experience Jez told me an amazing piece of advice "So many people don't cross the finishing line..." Well my soul mate all 851 of us smashed through it!!
The 851


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